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All Jean, all Maria

Jean Havoc and Maria Ross Shippers - Unite!
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Welcome to the (first and so far only?) Havoc/Ross community, which is dedicated to all you 'shippers of 2nd Lieutenants Jean Havoc and Maria Ross! Whether you've got fanart, fanfiction, cosplay or just a few theories on the subject, this community is for you!

ЗЫ! А еще мы говорим по-русски! С вопросами о переводах обращайтесь к tiptoeinthesnow


1. You MUST be a fan of the relationship between Havoc and Ross, be it platonic, romantic or whatever. Seriously, what's the point in joining if you're not? XD

2. No random, almost-empty introductory posts. If you want to introduce yourself, bring some Havoc/Ross goodies for us! ^_^

3. All entries longer than a paragraph and pictures must always be under a cut.

4. Fanart and fanfiction must be rated accordingly and marked for spoilers. Plagiarism (taking other people's work and claiming it as your own) is strictly forbidden. Don't make us send an army of Black Hayates your way and/or delete you from the community

5. All fanart and fanfiction and such must be centered around Havoc and/or Ross. You can stick as many pairings as you want into your work, but of course, as much as possible, keep them in the background. Plus, there are lots of other communities out there if you want to post work that centers around other characters/pairings/cheese.

6. No bashing or flaming. Seriously, don't even think about it. The only one with legal rights to flame is the Flame Alchemist Don't make us go all military on you.

7. Please, feel free to ask the mods if you've got something or other on your mind. We don't bite. So long as you behave

8. We accept affiliates - FMA-related affiliates, to be exact. Whee! Comment there and we'll add your comm.

9. Enjoy your stay! ^_^

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